Salutations from Holy Cross!!!

Hi guys! As many of you have already seen, my name is Lauren and this is my first blog entry. I am excited to share my life at Holy Cross with all of you!

Since it is already October, I will try to relay most of what has happened in the past 6 weeks.

Move-in day was actually pretty smooth, the welcome wagon attacked my car and all my stuff was in the room in one trip! After tons of help from my family, the room was all set up and it was time to mingle and attend the Mass of the Holy Spirit. All too soon it was time to say good-bye; I had to walk away from my family and get acquainted with my Orientation Group.

A couple weeks later, as things started getting settled and classes were getting underway, I decided to attend the Escape Retreat. It was a 24 hour retreat in a New Hampshire, and I loved it!!! I met so many new people across all the residence halls who I would not have met otherwise. The retreat site was beautiful and the whole experience reaffirmed my decision to come to Holy Cross. I recognized so many of the qualities that I loved about the school just during that short retreat. It helped to stave off any homesickness that might have been looming.

Also in September, we had the President’s inauguration for Fr. Boroughs. Campus looked especially beautiful on that sunny day. The students got to attend and participate too! We lined the walkway from Hogan Campus Center to the Hart Recreation Center and cheered on Fr. Boroughs as he made his way up campus. It was a great event, and I felt really united as a student body.

Gaby and I at the inauguration

Homecoming was fun! It was exciting to see alumni come back to campus, pumped with school spirit and bursting with memories that they wanted to share. As I looked around at all the alumni, I kept thinking about how someday it will be me coming back and marveling at all the “new technology.” The Marching Band also surprised us in Kimball during Homecoming weekend as they gave an impromptu performance with the alumni.

Doodle of the week from my friend Maggie! 🙂

It was nice to come back to campus and know that there were friendly faces already there to talk to and have fun with. When I got back, my friends and I made cookies, and even though I was missing home, I was having fun and enjoying the time with my friends. 🙂