Easter Break

Goodbye March!!

Well it looks that all that warmer weather I wrote about is taking its sweet time getting here because we got more snow last week!! I am beyond ready for the spring time weather. According to many of my friends it is not usually this cold so we are all attributing it to the mild winter last year.

Sun coming to melt the snow!

Easter Break has been a blast so far! Instead of going all the way home to Illinois, I went home with my friend Jessica. Her family generously hosted me for 3 days and I enjoyed exploring her hometown and seeing the beautiful landscape that surrounds her house. In addition to sightseeing around her town, we went to a concert!!! It was “wicked!!!” (As many Massachusetts people say 😉 ) It was so much fun and the road trip there and back were fantastic bookends to a perfect night. Between getting ready, screaming songs in the car, and the midnight run to McDonald’s afterwards, it couldn’t have been more delightful.

outside of the concert 🙂

After Easter Break, there are only 6 weeks of school left!! How is that possible?