Back on the Hill

Coming Back to the Hill.

Hi everyone! We are back on the hill for a couple weeks now, and things have been in full swing. We are super busy already immersed in classes and homework and extra-curricular activities. It feels so good to be back. The campus is so green and alive with the chatter of student’s conversations and the new class of first years.Cannot believe this sky!

There was so much waiting for us when we got back to campus. Kimball Dining Hall renovations, newly renovated study spaces, a new science Geoscience major, as well as mobile food ordering apps were just a few of many new things awaiting us. It’s been exciting to discover all these new additions!

There were things that we did not realize we missed. For me, I actually missed the slight burn in my thigh muscles after walking up all the stairs from Kimball to the Hogan Center.  I missed the ivy covered buildings. I missed how green and beautiful it all looks. I missed our class discussions. I missed how you can walk through Hogan and get completely wrapped up in a conversation with someone sitting in CoolBeans. I missed the feeling of accomplishments when you make it to Friday after a long week of exams, papers, and class lectures.  I missed the discipline it takes to balance everything and the sense of pride that comes with succeeding.

Welcome Class of 2018! We are so excited to share this wonderful place we call home. 🙂